Gnatus launches Inova dental operatories
New line of dental equipment at an attractive price for dental surgeons
Gnatus, one of the largest manufacturers of dental equipment in the country, has just launched a new family of dental operatories in the world market. We are talking about the Syncrus Inova, of which the main differential is products of a higher quality at a reduced cost.

The new operatories have three basic configurations: Inova F E, Inova C E and Inova LSF E. The difference between the three versions is the delivery units. The Inova F E has an arm with central articulation and height adjustment, linked to the dental chair, as does the Inova LSF E, of which the arm also has automatic locking. The delivery unit of the Inova C E is assembled on a cart, a pedestal on four castors, which is extremely stable and easy to move.

Besides the different optional items with which they can be equipped, the Inova dental operatories have six color options: green, navy blue, orange, yellow and ice colored.

As with all Gnatus products, the Syncrus Inova line was developed with quality and cutting-edge technology to meet the requirements and concerns of dental surgeons as regards resistance, practicality, design, ergonomics and the cost-benefit ratio.

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